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Next meeting:  May 10  - Soaring to the Edge of Space - The Perlan Project, presented by Nate Ferguson. More information will be in the May Crosswind Chatter.

Colorado Chapter Future Woman Pilot Scholarship Announced
Deadline - April 30

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The Colorado Chapter of Ninety-Nines, is a member of the International Organization of Women Pilots. Our mission  - The Ninety-Nines is the international organization of women pilots that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.

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The Colorado Chapter was chartered on September 28, 1941. Our chapter currently has 111 members and is the largest chapter in the South Central Section

The organization's purpose is to engage in strictly educational, charitable and/or scientific activities and purposes, and particularly to promote aeronautical science and safety. We provide many educational and safety activities.

Our monthly meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of each month. We normally meet in the Mt. Evans room in the terminal building at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, but check the newsletter for actual meeting location. We also have an evening meeting every 4th Thursday at either Centennial Airport (APA) or Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC). Please check the calendar for more information and locations on specific meetings. 

The Ninety-Nines members work together as a group to provide support to other female pilots through each individual member's enthusiasm, interest and imagination. This support is carried through to the female student pilots who are just beginning to work toward their ultimate goals.

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The Colorado Chapter's activities include:

  The Ninety-Nines and the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships for Women Pilots 



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