Let’s Fly Now! is an opportunity for 99s and other volunteer pilots to share their passion for aviation and inspire a new generation to: EXPLORE the wonders of aviation; DISCOVER the magic of flight; and IMAGINE the possibilities for their future.

Let’s Fly Now! is a FREE introductory flight program. Volunteer pilots will provide their plane, fuel, and time to take females of flying age on their first flight and show them the joys of flying. (Young ladies, young gentlemen, women and men will also be welcome for a first flight.)

We would love your help and involvement for this event.

  • We are looking for additional volunteer pilots. Please support this event by contacting pilot groups and individuals. A press release document that you can use with any group or agency is included here. Sign up contact: Lydia Baldwin

  • We are also looking for passenger participants who would like to take an introductory flight. Please support this event with your ideas and connections to find passengers. A limited number of spots are available for participants. You must register to attend. Each time slot includes arrival registration and preflight briefing, a flight with a volunteer pilot, a post-flight briefing, and receipt of log book and certificate. All participants must sign a liability waiver. Participants under the age of 18 years of age must have a signature from a responsible adult in order to attend. Minimum age is 8. Participants between the ages of 8 and 14 may consider signing up with an adult. Passengers will sign up in advance. Sign-up for passengers can be found here.

  • We are looking for a few volunteers to support the event on the ground. Volunteer positions are still needed for:

    • Registration support

    • Pre-flight safety briefings

    • Safe escort of passengers to and from each plane (multiple spots needed to fill)

    • Post-flight debriefing with coordinate giving log books and certificates to passengers

Volunteer contact: Lydia Baldwin. LydiaHBaldwin@gmail.com


The organization's purpose is to engage in strictly educational, charitable and/or scientific activities and purposes, and particularly to promote aeronautical science and safety. We provide many educational and safety activities.


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