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Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships

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Looking for financial help to continue your training? Apply for an Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship.

There are mulitiple scholarships available. For those seeking help with their initial training, apply for the First Wings Scholarship (previously Fly Now).

Even though it is a new name, First Wings, it is the same scholarship program. It's still a twice-yearly financial award of up to $6,000 based on completion of specific training milestones to assist a Ninety-Nine in achieving her First Wings as a pilot. The award is available to Student Pilot Members of The 99s who meet eligibility requirements. To be eligible, applicants must hold a student pilot certificate (or provide evidence that they meet their country's flight training requirement), have been an official Student Pilot Member three months before the application deadline, have logged 5 hours in the six months before the application deadline and show financial need.

The application the Spring 2024 application is now on The 99s International website, with exactly the same instructions as before.

Apps should be submitted no sooner than a week or maybe two prior to the deadline to have the most up to date logbook attachments. Additionally, applicants should review the recent webinar on crafting a good AEMSF app on the 99s webinar archive. 


Are you ready to get your instrument rating? Commercial? How about ATP or CFI? Your jet type rating? Or maybe you want an aviation degree, A&P certificate or research scholarship? All of these are possible through the AEMSF if you have been a 99s member for at least one continuous year – but first you must apply.

2024 applications are available on the 99s website There are a few changes this year to the application so please read the form and instructions carefully.

Please submit your application as EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!!  THE EARLIER THE BETTER!!! This allows each person at each step in the process to look for and catch errors and omissions early!!

The Colorado Chapter AE Scholarship Committee is eager to help you with the process. Committee Chair Jane Link, and committee members Karen Seaton and Gretchen Jahn, will work with you to prepare a stellar application. We are your first line of defense to catch mistakes, ensure completeness, and suggest ways to improve your essay. One of us will write a chapter recommendation – so the more we get to know you, the better your chances of success.

Watch the video on applying for the scholarship.


Questions? Contact Jane Link at

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