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Boards and Committees

Get to Know the Faces behind Colorado Ninety-Nines

Since our founding in 1941, the Colorado Ninety-Nines has developed and grown exponentially. We’re very proud of the expertise of our members and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success.

Board of Directors

Jane Link - Chair
June Stewart - Vice Chair
amandawillson (1).jpg

Amanda Willson - Secretary

Sue Osborne - Treasurer
Carly Anderson - Director

Robbi Fung - Director

Committee Chairs

Airmarking: Terry Fiala  Laura Abraham

Amelia Earhart Scholarship: Jane Link

Archivist: Jan McKenzie

Chapter Scholarship: Bev Sinclair

Flying Activities: Stephanie Wells  Sarah Denton

Membership: Jan McKenzie  

Newsletter: Margot Plummer

News Reporter: Lydia Baldwin

Nominating: Stephanie Wells  Vanita Gallo  Bonita Andes

Poker Run: Amanda Willson
Programs: Stephanie Wells

Youth Outreach: Audrey Grace

Other Chapter Contacts:

WebMaster: June Stewart

Facebook: Terry Fiala

Social Flight: Terry Fiala

Aviation Liasions

Colorado General Aviation Alliance
CPA: Babette Andre

NIFA: Bonita Ades

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