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Airmarking is done to identify airports by painting the name of an airport on a ramp or taxi way. It may also be the painting of a compass rose on a ramp to be used to 'swing a compass' in an aircraft. For the history of airmarking see the airmarking page on the International website.

Spring is finally here and it’s time to start planning for our annual Airmarking project. June 10 this year we head up north to re-paint the aging compass rose at Northern Colorado Regional Airport (KFNL), also known as “NoCo” and formerly known as Fort Collins Loveland. We need lots of volunteers to get the job done! We'll need some people for the early shift starting at 7:30am to lay out the design, then plenty more at 9:00am for the painting. Click here to sign up and expect a follow-up email with more information as the date draws closer.

If you would like more information on airmarking or would like to make arrangements to have one done at your airport, please contact our Airmarking Chairman, Terry Fiala.

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